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Big Lagoon State Park Pensacola

One of Pensacola’s many beautiful beaches is the 705-acre Big Lagoon State Park. This Florida State Park was acquired in 1977. It is located just 10 miles southwest of Pensacola on the Gulf Beach Highway. Located at the northwestern edge of the renowned Big Lagoon, the park snakes into Pensacola Bay. This state park is one of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in Pensacola. Check for more info

Located in southern Florida, Big Lagoon State Park is known for its natural habitats and is home to a number of birds. The marshes are valuable because they provide habitat for a variety of animals, including the Great Blue Herons and King Rails. The upland areas of the park also provide refuge for a variety of birds. The state acquired the property in 1977 and it has been a popular destination for visitors ever since. A good read

The park is open eight hours a day from sunrise to sunset. Due to Hurricane Sally, the state is still cleaning up the debris from the storm. Although there is a lot of construction going on, boardwalks and the west beach day-use area are closed for now. However, the governor’s pavilion, picnic area, observation tower, and amphitheater are open to visitors. The hiking trails are open and are part of the park’s recreational amenities.

The park features beautiful natural habitats, saltwater marshes, pine flatwoods, sandy beaches, and open woodlands. It is also home to a vast array of birds, and visitors can enjoy a day of bird watching and nature watching while enjoying the beauty of the park. For those who prefer to spend the night at the beach, Big Lagoon State Park is an excellent option. You will find that the wildlife of this area is thriving.

The park is a popular place to picnic, hike, and watch birds. In addition to the lagoons, you can find a beautiful observation tower and explore the state’s history. The state park was established in 1977 and is located directly across the street from the Pensacola Naval Air Station. The location is convenient and offers many recreational opportunities for visitors. If you love nature, Big Lake State Park is an excellent place to visit.

Located in southern Florida, this park is the perfect place to go bird watching. The marshes in the park provide a critical habitat for a wide variety of birds, including alligators and a variety of other animals. The marshes in the park are a popular place for people to watch birds. The lagoons are surrounded by dunes, providing plenty of opportunity for birdwatching.

Aside from the many recreational activities, the park is also a great place to observe birds. The park is home to a variety of species, including the elusive black-bellied plovers. This wildlife-filled park is a great place to watch the birds. You can also enjoy the beauty of the state’s natural environment. While you’re here, be sure to take time to view the park’s natural resources.

This state park is an excellent place for birdwatching. The 655-acre park is also a great place to enjoy the area’s many wildlife. The park is home to alligators and other wildlife. Several bird species have been sighted here in the park. There are also hiking trails and an observation tower. While the park is an excellent place for outdoor recreation, it is also a great place to take a picnic.

Visitors to Big Lagoon State Park can enjoy a variety of activities. The park is the gateway for the Great Florida Birding Trail. The park features nine distinct natural communities, including tidal marsh, scrubby flatwoods, and large-leaved jointweed. Additionally, Big Lagoon State parks manage the nearby Perdido Key and Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park.

While you are visiting Big Lagoon State Park, make sure to check if the park is open and if it is closed. The state park is closed during Hurricane Sally due to Hurricane Sally debris. The boardwalks are closed, and there are signs at the entrance. You can still enjoy the beach and the amphitheater, but the rest of the park is not yet accessible. Camping is available in the campground.