The UWF Historic Trust

UWF Historic TrustThe UWF Historic Trust (UWFHT) was founded in 1992 to help preserve the city’s historical landmarks. As a direct support of the University of West Florida, the organization adheres to its non-discrimination policy. It also has a board of directors, made up of history enthusiasts who are appointed by the university president. This committee will help guide the organization’s activities and determine the future direction. Check This

The Trust’s mission is to preserve, interpret, and share the history of Northwest Florida. The new name is a direct nod to its original name, which was West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc., but emphasizes the public’s trust in the organization’s work. This decision was a landmark moment for the UWF Historic Trust, and it has received a lot of support from community members. As of this writing, the trust is funded entirely by volunteers. Great read

The UWF Historic Trust is a nonprofit organization with the mission of preserving the history of Northwest Florida. Its mission is to educate the public and interpret the past. The organization has many programs and services that promote learning and community engagement. One of them is the Voices of Pensacola Multicultural Center. The center is open Tuesday through Saturday, and is free. It also features a gift shop and a museum store.

The Trust has a wide range of programs. Its goal is to preserve, interpret, and share the history of Northwest Florida. By fostering public education, the UWF has become a central hub for archaeology in the state. The Destination Archaeology Resource Center and public archaeology labs have been a popular way to involve the public in the study of the past. It is a major contribution to the region’s cultural heritage and the culture of its residents.

Currently, the UWF Historic Trust manages an eight-acre downtown campus that is located in a National Register historic district. In addition to managing the campus, the trust also has four programs. Its website provides a list of its educational and outreach programs. In addition to these, the center has a library of local history resources. The L&N Marine Terminal is home to the Florida Public Archaeology Network Northwest.

The UWF Historic Trust is a direct support organization of the University of West Florida. Your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law, even if the value of the donated goods or services is greater than the donation amount. All donations are made to the UWF Foundation by the UWF Historic Trust. They are managed by a staff of volunteers who are dedicated to preserving the history of Northwest Florida.

The UWF Historic Trust also manages a number of sites and monuments throughout Northwest Florida. The Fleming family donated the park to the city in the 1980s. Fountain Park has decorative panels around a fountain, and is available for weddings and other events. The Commanding Officers Compound, located behind the Pensacola Museum of History, is a popular venue for weddings and other events.

The UWF Historic Trust has numerous locations across Northwest Florida. Its headquarters is located in downtown Pensacola and is open to the public on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Its buildings are accessible to visitors and are free to visit. A visit to UWF historic properties is worth taking. The University of West Florida’s Downtown Campus is located within a National Register Historic District, and is open to the public. It’s open for tours from 10am to 4pm daily.

The UWF Historic Trust also maintains a number of monuments and sites throughout Milton. Fountain Park is located in the middle of the city and was donated to the city by the Fleming family in the 1980s. Its decorative panels are available for rent to host events like weddings. The Commanding Officers Compound is also open to the public. The entire area of the museum is home to various museums and monuments.

The University of West Florida is also home to two museums. The oldest masonry structure in Pensacola, the Barkley House and Gardens, and the Pensacola Museum of Art are among the most popular and historic sites in the city. However, the UWF Historic Trust also maintains the T. Wentworth, Jr. Florida State Museum, and Bless Your Heart. The Barkley House and Gardens are the largest masonry structure in the city and are a great place to hold a wedding.