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Spinal and Postural Screenings at Henry Chiropractic Pensacola

Our Spinal and Postural Screenings

When most people think of going to the chiropractor they think of having their back ‘cracked’ as a relaxing thing. It is something that is popular for pain relief, and it is something that many people enjoy just as a form of relaxation. While it is true that someone who works a manual labor job or who trains a sport quite seriously may find that chiropractic adjustments are a source of great relief and relaxation for them, at Henry Chiropractic my professional judgment is that spinal and postural screenings are an essential part of taking good care of a patient’s spine.

As a part of every consultation, I offer spinal and postural screenings. These can help to identify neuromusculoskeletal issues and therefore help to identify the cause of pain so that treatment can not just ‘reduce pain’ but also prevent it from recurring.

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Back Pain Need Not to Be Chronic

Back pain as a result of lifting something too heavy, or suffering a sports injury, is unpleasant but is usually treatable. Back pain as a result of bad posture, tension, or repetitive strain is something that needs careful management so that it does not become a chronic issue.

Spinal and postural screenings can help to flag up potential injury risks and help people to make changes to their lifestyle or to do corrective exercises to protect their long term health.

The Screening Process

When the spine is in proper alignment, the pelvis, ribs and head are ‘balanced’. If this is not the case then a hunched posture can put stress on the back. It is important that this is caught early to stop muscle imbalances from developing.

Long term, poor spine alignment can lead to muscular issues, sports-related overuse injuries, shoulder, neck and back pain, as well as pain in the arms, legs, and buttocks. Some people also experience numbness, tingling or ‘pins and needles’ in the extremities.

The good news is that these issues can be treated and that if they are caught early then people have a good chance of making a full recovery.

Chiropractic Adjustment-Pensacola ChiropractorBuild Good Posture Early

I recommend that everyone get spinal and postural screenings done as a part of their treatments. Even children and adolescents should be working on their posture. Poor posture as a youth can contribute to chronic pain as an adult. Your spine has to work to support you, however old you are, and it doesn’t make sense to wait until you are older to look after your back.

Building good habits is easier if you start working on them when you are young. Simple things such as sitting with good posture at a desk, carrying a backpack on both shoulders instead of just over one shoulder, and sleeping with adequate back support can make a huge difference to a person’s long-term wellbeing.

What Happens in a Screening?

If you visit Henry Chiropractic for a spinal or postural screening, then you will be interviewed to learn about your current lifestyle, work and exercise habits. We will also discuss your current health and any symptoms that you are having, then evaluate your posture while sitting, standing and doing light movement.

We use a combination of visual examinations and the latest equipment and technology in order to evaluate your posture and determine the cause of any pain you are having. From there, we can recommend lifestyle and habit changes and corrective exercises, as well as perform adjustments or massage therapy to help you get rid of your back pain and stop it from coming back. There is no need to allow pain to become chronic through a lack of preventative care.

Can My Back Pain Be Cured?

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There are many different causes of back pain. Some pain is easy to treat and a single visit may be enough to loosen up the muscles or correct alignment issues. In other cases, you might need a longer program of treatment with repeated visits, or to perform strengthening exercises or stretches over a prolonged period in order to undo the damage that has already been done to your spine.

It is not possible to give a definitive answer to questions about healing times or injuries over the Internet. That is what screening appointments are for. The screening is used to give a preliminary assessment and a recommended course of treatment. After the recommended treatment course is completed, the injury can be re-evaluated, and further remedial action taken if necessary.

How Long do Screenings Take?

Depending on the nature of your injury, a spine and posture screening should not take long. A basic assessment will include a few simple questions and physical tests which can be completed fully clothed and that should take no more than five to ten minutes. If any issues are discovered as a result of the screening then further assessments will be recommended, and those may take longer.

The screening should not be painful. If, at any point in the process you experience discomfort or pain just speak up. Your health, comfort, and safety are a priority at all times.

Spine Health and Athletes

It is not uncommon for athletes to suffer from tension and back issues because of the posture and motions that they use in their sport. We can help athletes to identify potential problems before they become serious, and recommend supplemental training that will protect the core and spine, allowing the continued practice of their chosen sport.

It is a good idea to have regular postural screenings because this simple screening can prevent a lot of problems in the long term. Posture is one of the most neglected elements of health. Even people who drink lots of water, eat healthy foods and get regular exercise and plenty of sleep often forget to consider their posture. Slouching at a desk or rounding the back when lifting weights can be bad for you, and a little effort put into fixing those smaller bad habits will go a long way towards protecting your long term health.

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