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Best Chiropractor Pensacola

Severe pain, numbness of the limbs, difficult movement of the joints are the main problems why patients turn to a chiropractor. Using special manual techniques, a doctor can eliminate pain and restore joint mobility.

Many people suffering from various musculoskeletal system disorders experience unbearable pain in the spine and muscular system. It is often impossible to cope with such ailments with medical methods. In such cases, patients go for help to chiropractors, whose methods are a series of manual exposure techniques to diseased areas of the body.

Manual Physical Therapy By the Best Chiropractor Pensacola

Many people consider manual therapy to be part of traditional medicine, which is not entirely true. Yes, the roots of this method of treatment go back to the days when bone set healers, who intuitively comprehend methods of relieving back pain, offered their services. A modern chiropractor is a neurologist or an orthopedist, that is, a certified doctor.

He conducts his medical practice based on knowledge of the human body’s anatomy and physiology and not “according to feelings.” A good chiropractor is a physician who has impeccable hand skills in addition to deep theoretical knowledge. Using both, he can correctly diagnose and successfully treat various disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Dr. Henry is the best chiropractor Pensacola. Together with his team at Henry Chiropractic, they will perform different techniques to alleviate pain and restore joint mobility. Contact Henry Chiropractic for the best chiropractor Pensacola.

Common Spinal Problems


Symptoms such as numbness or tingling in the arms and hands and legs and feet can be operated from a nervous system condition because of vertebral subluxation.

  • Alteration in sensation in both fingers and toes
  • Numbness in arms, thighs, and legs
  • Tingling
  • Electricity
  • Loss of strength when holding an object
  • Loss of balance when walking
  • Heaviness in arms or legs
  • Cramps

When one or more vertebrae is restricted or loses their normal position, it can compress the nerve outlets, irritating or pinching nerve roots, and cause a series of alterations to the nervous system.

  • Herniated disc
  • Migraines
  • Family factors (genetic)
  • Pressure on nerves
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (pressure on the nerve at the wrist)

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What Causes Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, it could be difficult for you to carry out certain activities, so you could see your daily life interrupted and your quality of life reduced. Back pain can manifest itself in different ways, and its intensity can range from mild to severe, affecting the mobility of the person. Common causes of back pain include:

  • Poor posture or spinal or weight imbalances, scoliosis, one leg higher than the other
  • Weight gain: Back strain loads and wears out the back
  • Cervical subluxation
  • Physical stress (whiplash, bad posture, insomnia)
  • Emotional stress (nerves, anxiety)
  • Chemical Stress (hormones, alcohol, diet, and environmental factors)

Woman Sufferting Knee Pain-Henry Chiropractic - 1602 N 9th Ave Pensacola, FL 32503 United States - (850) 435-7777Osteoarthritis

It is a joint disease mostly in the elderly and middle-aged, and it mainly affects the shoulder, neck, lower back, hips, knees, and finger joints. Osteoarthritis mostly happens when the joint cartilage wears out because of trauma, overuse, or genetic factors. The most common causes are age, accidents, herniated discs, work stress, poor posture and long-term repetitive efforts, etc.; it is considered to be the consequence of a sum of genetic and environmental factors, although in some cases, there is a clear cause such as previous trauma, infection, congenital malformation, etc.

In these cases, osteoarthritis is considered to be a secondary (consequence) of this process. It produces pain, stiffness, and mobility loss that preferentially affects the cervical region producing pain in the neck. There is pain radiating to the sacral area, hip, and posterior part of the thigh in the lumbar region. These alterations are called in the cervical and lumbar region spondylosis or spondyloarthritis.

Herniated Disc

For the most part, herniated discs result from gradual wear and tear associated with aging, called “disc degeneration.” As you age, your vertebral discs lose some of their water content. This makes them less flexible and more prone to tearing or breaking, even with minimal effort or twist.

People often cannot point out the cause of a herniated disc. Using your back muscles instead of the thigh and leg muscles to lift heavy items can result in a herniated disc. It is the same for bending or twisting while lifting. A rare traumatic event such as a fall or blow to the back can cause a herniated disc.

Dr. Henry is the best chiropractor Pensacola to help you deal with these spinal problems.

Why Choose Henry Chiropractic as the Best Chiropractor Pensacola?

Individual Approach

We carefully and thoroughly approach the solution of any patient’s problem, take into account all his symptoms and parameters.

Experienced Specialists

Dr. Henry as the best chiropractor Pensacola is surrounded by an excellent team of medical professionals with extensive practical experience.

Complex Treatment

We successfully overcome the most challenging problems of our clients using complex methods of recovery.


High professionalism and a sense of responsibility towards the patient allow us to create all the comfortable conditions for your recovery. That is why Dr. Henry is rated as the best chiropractor Pensacola.


Our procedures are pretty affordable and done by the best chiropractor Pensacola. You get value for money if you have your chiropractic care done at Henry Chiropractic.

We will help you to cure:

  • consequences of spinal injuries
  • consequences of injuries to hands and feet
  • osteochondrosis
  • herniated disc
  • pelvic pain
  • scoliosis
  • radiculitis

If you are looking for the best chiropractor Pensacola, Henry Chiropractic is the perfect place to visit. Hands-on spinal manipulation is one of the techniques used by Dr. Henry and his team. This, together with other techniques, has proved effective in dealing with several spinal problems.

The Process

Here is what you will go through when you book an appointment with us.

The Chiropractic Consultation

Our consultation process’s goal is not just to confidently examine and pinpoint the cause of your problems but to understand it in detail so that together we can truly achieve lasting health and wellness.

X-ray Exams

X-rays are essential to confirm problems and to project an accurate treatment time. They will be ordered when clinically necessary and will all depend on the results of your first exams.

Chiropractic Care

After a good study process and having detected that your health problems’ real cause has a solution with chiropractic, your chiropractor will proceed to create a specific treatment plan.

Chiropractor Cost Near Me?

Dr. Craig Henry, the best chiropractor Pensacola, and his team are always ready to help you recover from your spinal injury and other related conditions. Please book an appointment with us now!