Best Family Chiropractor: The Best in Town

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Best Family Chiropractor: The Best in Town

Chiropractic has something unique to offer each of you. Suppose traditional chiropractic care techniques do not suit you (for example, for fear or if your body is weakened by osteoporosis); in that case, other methods, very gently, will be proposed to you, similar to those used for pregnant women, children, and newborns.
Each member of your family will be able to benefit from the unique benefits that chiropractic can provide. Dr. Henry is the best family chiropractor in Pensacola. Together with other professionals at Henry Chiropractic, Dr. Henry can carry out multiple procedures on each of your family members to ensure you are all in a perfect state of health.

Dr.Henry has taken the health of its patients to heart since it opened.  His team of experienced chiropractors has provided several treatments since its inception. Our care is suitable for people of all ages: babies, children, adults, and the elderly. A good part of our clientele is also made up of athletes and sportspeople of all levels struggling with various sports injuries.

Services Offered by Our Family Chiropractor

The quality of care and the human approach are essential qualities for Dr. Henry and professionals at Henry Chiropractic. Rest assured that our goal is to find the cause of your problems and eliminate your pain effectively to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible! Looking for a family chiropractor? Contact us for the best services.

Why Do Newborns Receive Chiropractic Adjustments by Family Chiropractor?

Colic, excessive crying, or lack of appetite can be symptoms of back pain. Detecting and correcting it in time can avoid future problems. Our goal is to help your baby’s body to correct itself, introducing an adequate force so that it flows optimally, without interference in its nervous system. Newborn adjustments are gentle and are intended for your child to grow up healthy.

Torticollis, Back Pain, Sciatic Nerve, and Much More

At Henry Chiropractic, our treatment is very effective for problems related to the entire human body’s nerves, muscles, bones, and joints. So whether your problem is a pinching of the sciatic nerve, a headache, or pain in the neck, back, shoulder, elbow, knee, foot, or anywhere else on your body, Dr. Henry and other experts will first establish the correct diagnosis by finding the cause of your problem. Afterward, they will give you the appropriate chiropractic treatment to treat you effectively.

Personalized Family Chiropractic Treatment

As a family chiropractor, the treatments offered by Dr. Henry include a combination of techniques that vary according to each person and each problem addressed. As mentioned above, the treatments are very effective for both back problems and the muscles, joints, and nerves of the entire body.

The treatments are personalized to each patient or family member according to the age, the condition to be treated, and each one’s particular needs. These treatments can combine muscular work, joint work (to move or replace a vertebra or other joint), bandages, complementary therapies, rehabilitation exercises, and nutritional and postural counseling.


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Babies or Children

Babies and children are also treated every day at Henry Chiropractic. There are many techniques without cavitation (cracking noise heard during specific manipulations), as much for newborns as for children. Torticollis, various discomfort, growing pains, falls during childhood, scoliosis, and any other concern related to your child’s development are among the reasons for consultations. There is also no age at which to consult for the first time. Contact us for the best family chiropractor.

Pregnant Mothers

Family care can start very soon. If pregnant mothers receive chiropractic care, babies benefit from it too. In this period of hormonal and weight changes, many mothers go to the chiropractor, thus enjoying easier deliveries.

65 and Over

If you are 65 and above, you are also welcomed to Henry Chiropractic Pensacola. After a certain age, disorders related to osteoarthritis (wear and tear), problems with the sciatic nerve, stiffness in the neck or lower back, repeated lumbar sprains, and pain in the shoulders and knees, to name a few, can occur. This is why there are safe and suitable care techniques for older people to reduce their pain and help them enjoy life to the fullest. Everyone, therefore, benefits from consulting a family chiropractor.

Radiology, Massage Therapy, Kinesiology, etc.

If x-rays are deemed necessary, they will be ordered by your chiropractor. The results are usually obtained within 24 hours of taking the x-rays. X-rays are not always required, but under certain conditions, they become essential for treatment.

Massage therapy and kinesiology-physical therapy are often used in combination with chiropractic care. Our experienced massage therapists and kinesiologists offer various types of massage and tension lifting techniques at our clinic.

Is Your Child Stressed?

If you are stressed, the chances are great that your children are too, since they too have to endure the emotional tensions of parents, busy schedules, moving house, etc. In addition, the start of the school year (new teacher, new school, and new classmates) represents a period of intense stress for young people, often underestimated by adults. This is the case with exam periods, oral presentations, sports competitions, and shows where children have to perform.

In young people, as in adults, stress manifests itself in the form of decreased appetite, intestinal disorders, nervous tics, insomnia, attention disorders, weak immune system, muscle tension, etc. These muscle tensions can lead to vertebral subluxations, which will eventually degenerate into a health problem. Stress eats away both children and adults.

Your chiropractor will not be able to suggest ways to manage stress more effectively in addition to making spinal adjustments that will release tension inside their body. Chiropractic care can help manage vertebral subluxations due to stress in your young ones and get them back in good shape. Henry Chiropractic can perform several procedures healthy for your child’s development.

Henry Chiropractic in Pensacola has the right experts to perform these procedures. If you value the health of your family members or loved ones, family chiropractic care is essential. Our experts will perform several safe techniques and do not subject you to any risks or side effects. For the best family chiropractic care, visit us at Henry Chiropractic Pensacola.